Minn Kota trolling motor question! Need help!!!

I have a minn Kota riptide 12v 55lb rt/ap, I currently only have a wired foot pedal and of course the auto pilot feature. The question I have is whether or not I would be able to convert over to the co pilot feature which is the digital remote??! Has anyone been able to do this? I know they sell the copilot receiver kit but Judging by the pictures of it online it doesn’t have the same plug connectors. Any info would be appreciated.

yes. they have a round connector for the newer styles and the flat connector for the older style. i had a 2006 that was the flat connector and i had to order the co pilot from a minn cota repair center. it was like $150.

Thanks for the insight. I’ve got the flat connector as well, so I guess I’ll call minn Kota and see how I can get my hands on one. Thanks!

06 hewes tailfisher 17

a lot of the flat connector parts are no longer available, but minn kota will be able to help



Scroll down the site and match your serial #. They had one last time I was looking.

Hamp at CK Blanton in Murrells Inlet also had them last time I checked. I can’t say enough about their service.

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