Miss Fishin' 5/29

I got an invite on a 34 Freeman out of Edisto the day after Memorial Day, friend has been trying to get me on this boat for quite a while. I don’t get much blue water time, so this was a big experience for me.

Dock at 3:30, leave at 4, lines in about 6:30 at the ledge

Two phins right off, then the early bite seemed to quit. pushed out through small and scattered weeds, flying fish and surface activity were slow to nonexistent

Trolled out to 400’ without any action, decided to run out closer to a storm cell and try some 600’ blueline/snowy numbers, realize after the first rig was down that we didn’t have the cable for the electric reel… s***! took turns cranking 8lbs of lead back up on a 3mph drift. got bit on the 2nd drift, missed the spot on the 3rd drift, storm was getting close and kicking things up, last drift got hit and then the manual setting on the reel failed and would no longer engage. strip a bunch of line off a 50w, tie the 1000’ of line we’re drifting with onto that reel, hand crank a stud blueline, head back in closer to the ledge.

trolled a few patches of weeds without a knockdown, pretty quiet on the radio too. head back to ledge and start seeing surface activity. tuna clearing the water. put out the tuna and wahoo portions of the spread and drag at 11kts, on the action again.

wahoo skying on the long skirted ballyhoo, clips start popping, DTX’s get whacked, the tuna feather doing its thing, cedar plug too. wahoo over the rail, then blackfin, then false albacore, then wahoo, dolphin, bonito, albie, dolphin, wahoo, blackfin, wahoo… high fives and raw water washdown for all…

second blackfin was twice that size, box looking nice now. getting kind of late, need to move in shallower and hit some easy bottom numbers

jig 90’ live bottom and add 20+ beeliners, a couple triggers, and that sand tile from the other thread to the box.

haul ass, scrub boat, cut fish, clean self, sleep hard, eat sushi, poke bowls, etc, for the rest of the week.

my sushi rolling game needs work, i’m new at this

Shout out to Raddaddy for captaining and putting me (and 2 others) on our first wahoo!


Now thats a report.

Great pics too, what a day.

Should have had a pitch rod ready to throw chatterbaits, lol.

Good stuff

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What a trip!

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!!

@natureboy called Mr Stripey! Going 4:4 with 2 on mono was one of the coolest runs of action I’ve been a part of

Look how hard those DTX’s run in the last pic, they work… and they are supposed to stay true at twice that speed. I’m told from a very reliable source that it’s all the Shimano guys pull for hoos now


Thanks for hhe report, making this senior citizen homesick, and loving it at the same time…

34 Freeman, WOW!!!

Don’t get any better than that, I was promoting and representing cats in 1991 or so when Sea Cat first started. Hard to get past that ‘ugly boat’ reply. I said then ““just give it some time””, and here we are with World Cat and Freeman backlogged years, GREAT rides…

Dang BW, great day for sure, and good for you!!!

Your sushi skills are fine enough for my mouth to water, lol.

I bet that was a workout reeling the weight up…ugh.

Great post,

Was a fun report to read Sometimes those offshore storms bring the critters up to see what’s happening.! It is so good raw on the day you catch it!

awesome report. Just wow!

Man, a great day of fishing and on a Freeman to boot. Great report!

Daaaaaanng… that was even fun to read!

Thanks for the write up and pictures. Those tasty looking dishes are a nice way to top it off, too!

Great post and pics!

Good stuff Barbawang. The girls look great and happy! Bonzo approved!

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oh lord, there goes the neighborhood…

Great to see you back, Bonz!


Nice to see you’ve returned!!

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WOO HOO, a Bonzo sighting. Peapod said you went to Thailand for some kind of “surgery”.

surgery failed…Miller Lite wouldn’t put me on their beer can…

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Great report. Girls are growing up fast. Raddaddy’s my man

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Welcome back bro!@!!@$%#$

MAYBE there is hope for this place after all…