missing kayaker

My neighbor, Harvey Schubert has been missing since Saturday. His 12’ kayak was found on the Wittee River(off the Santee River), near 17-A. If you know anyone in that area that can help or if you know anything, please contact Robin Camlin with the SCDNR. Thanks!


Any word Mud? He has been in my prayers and I hope he is OK… keep us posted…

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Copied from the inshore report forum;

Thanks for the info Q-T and the all the replies everyone has made. I hope it has given some comfort to his family that there are so many people praying for him. His brother arrived here today, believe he’s from Wisconsin. He has seen this post and sent me an email through CF admin. Like you said nothing has changed, they are still looking for him. I have been asked by DNR to see if anyone would be willing to take one of his cats? There is one Abyssinian and two Siamese. If anyone one is interested in them please let me know, you only have until Sunday.