MLK Day 2023 - Youngen Style Charters!

Most of you people on here enjoyed fishing…me i enjoy sleeping in on a day off under the covers when it’s cold out! Unfortunately for me i met a woman many moons ago and we decided to have kids…well one of them turned out loving fishing way more than anticipated so when i told her calm winds and a low tide in the a.m. she had me up before my normal work schedule loading up and heading out looking to play tug-o-war with Ol’ Red again. Just like that, we found close to 200 fish again and this time we were packing live bait. Fish on!!! And repeat! And so on…she even let me catch 3! What a sport.


Youngen Style


What about that. Good for her. Nice to see some fishing being done.

Looks like a beautiful day.

Awesome tiktok. Man i’m jealous. I GOTTA hit the water soon!

Great job, she’s a fishing machine.

Great to see!