Mobile keelguard install.

Need my old one taken off and a new one installed. Anyone do this? Chris V?
“I have tomorrow open!”

I would be interested as well. I bought a keelshield 3 years ago when I bought my SeaFox 225 Bay Boat and never put it on but would be interested in getting it done.

2010 Sea Fox 225BF
2009 Suzuki 225

yes, but not mobile
you could schedule a day, and drop the boat off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon
or we even have trailers available for pickup and delivery

Chris - I have the Keelshield, what is the cost to install on a SeaFox 225BF? Thanks in advance.

2010 Sea Fox 225BF
2009 Suzuki 225

depends somewhat on the trailer set up.
if the boat doesn’t have to come off the trailer,
about 1.5 hours labor
if the we have to remove the boat from the trailer, add an hour

90 Percent of my business is mobile. I would be happy to help.

Capt.Fritz, there is no dock at Toogoodo landing where I put in,does a keel guard keep the keel from nicking on the concrete when I have to pull it up when I fish alone? Seen them in books but never knew anyone that had one on their boat.

You can’t catch fish on a dry line