MOJO 5/14/16 - When the Count Doesn't Matter

Ever wanted to fish so badly

for so long, but

you couldn’t?

This wasn’t one of those times. We said, “NOT TODAY, work.” “Not today, life.”

“We are going to go fishing, with some help from my friends.”

I put money down on the 1st Annual Carolina Slam out of Marlin Quay, but y’all know I don’t know anything about trolling.

Heard that a good bit when I had a job that wouldn’t let me have any time off from January-June every year.


Invested, though. Couldn’t back out. As soon as the check was cut, I looked at the weather forecasts on my phone, and as sure as the day had been long coming, the weather was blown up for Mojo.

Not today. This won’t be another called off trip.

Here’s why. Because I’ve got friends who replaced stereos in the Mojo for me while I’ve been too busy. I’ve got friends who have serviced the boat and fixed all the routine things. You know who you are.

Time to make it pay off.

Forecast said variable from 8-11AM and then blown up to 20kts in the afternoon.

Me, Circle Hook and Cuz, got Mojo off the trailer at 3:30AM, and hit the jetties around 4ish with a long run to the hole showing an ETA of 6:20AM.

Lines in at 6. No good.

Somebody passed me. No good.

Passed them back. Winning…

ETA 6:05AM on the GPS then, but y’all know what happened. Do you really not? Of course, the last 10 miles had current against the wind where the waves had no backs, so we didn’t get to the spot until 6:35AM.

Lines in. Long rigger out, planer out, other long rigger out. Where’s the bait? Where are all the other boats? Hmmmmm?

Short riggers out, teasers out. No knockdowns yet. Where are the tuna and wahoo?

Both long rigger lines pop out, but no drag taken. No headshake or run. Wahoo bait? Skied them both in, and they were youth league, peewee footballs. Skunk off the boat. 1 species of 3 crossed off for the slam.

Where are the wahoo though? Didn’t see anything on top, and didn’t see anything below. Pulled the meat back in the boat and ra

Thanks for the report! I’m sure you must be proud to do all of that on something that you built. Sounds like a great day of fishing.

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Luke 8:22-25

Nice pics

good work phin. glad to see you getting out there!


“mr keys”

Always admired your little sled. Bet it’s fuel efficient also.

Nice fishing, but my back is sore after reading this post!

Good to see you get out there man. The fish are always a bonus. Glad you got on em.

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Nice report! Well written too!

That was a nice report:sunglasses: Thanks! The count never matters.

Capt. Larry Teuton
Swamp Worshiper

Good job Wes.

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Great report Phin, thanks for the reality check, I guess that’s what I’d call it. I def enjoyed it.

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Very nice

Nice fish. Beautiful boat. Enjoyed the report.

Luke 8:22-25

Good job bro!

Mannnnn. Proud of you, bro’!

That boat is so special that is a time machine by virtually fishing two different eras in your life with exciting results.

From now on, stay ready for that charm/tale repeating.

That ride drips MOJO.

Good fishing man! Glad you got out!