Monster Mahi

Left out of Remley’s Saturday 4 AM. Buddied w/ DropNHook & another boat. Dropped lines @ 150 ft. Caught 2 cudas early. About 9:30 we hooked a monster. A 55 lb Dolphin. We saw him coming in for the bait. He put on a show, but we got him in the boat. Caught one more gaffer and called it a day.

Nice fish! Go big or go home!

Nicely done guys!!! Did he stay shallow or head for the deep?

Stayed on top til he got to the boat.When he came up at the boat he headed for the motors!!!

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nice fish we had a good time yesterday andhope to get back together soon

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nice fish! someone will challenge the weight because we cant be happy that fellow fisherman do well and find it necessary to screw their posts… you should have said 125lbs

Nice fish!!!

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nice job Fort- bring in a pic for the wall

Looks like you need a bigger dog

Nice catch! looks like you need a bigger cooler?

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Nice fish

Awesome catch!!

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That was a very nice fish.Good job by Jamie putting it in the boat.Hope to Fish with you and crew again soon.

Lets cross some Eyes.

Nice Fish. I bet it was fun bringing that one in!

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Nice Fish!