More Slick Luck

Tried the Slick Lure again, this time in the “Purpcicle” (purple) color. The tide wasn’t ideal and the bite wasn’t great, but I was able to catch a pretty good quality slam on this lure today. After fishing these exclusively for two full trips, here is what I like about them.

  1. They are big and pretty heavy, so you can really bomb your casts - a lot like a topwater lure.
  2. They are really weedless, so you can throw them with confidence right into heavy structure (where the fish often are). We have lost a few, but its pretty rare considering where we have been throwing them. For me, it’s a game changer, because you could never throw a mirrolure in that stuff.
  3. The fish absolutely smash them, which is super fun and addicting.
  4. I love the gliding action. If you trout fish a lot, you are always looking for the perfect action and descent rate on a lure. These tick all the boxes. They drop at a rate of about 1 ft/sec or a little more if you use a belly weighted hook - so you need to be patient and fish them slow. But, I promise you - you will know when you get bit.

For me, I will keep these in my tackle box going forward.


Well, if this isn’t a great report, then PP wouldn’t know what one is. Very Nice!

Thanks for the details as well. Challenge accepted. Guess I’ll have to get me some of these guys for sure. Is that a 4 or 5/0 hook?

The usual hook is an Owner Beast 4/0. They are not too available now (hook suppliers are really unreliable - ask me how I know :slight_smile: ), so they also recommend the Eagle Claw Trokar 3/0 which is close to the same hook. They are basically extra extra wide gap worm hooks. We have some for sale on our website

quite the endorsement coming from you. thank you.

not sure who stump is referencing but it seems mean.

regards heavy structure…the Legend himself told me many times throw that trouteye in the heaviest cover you can find, even the trees above the waterline, dock roofs, whatever. that’s where the fish are. sure you lose a few jigs but you’ll catch more fish. many times.

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That’s been our business plan, since day 1 :slight_smile:

Trust me,Stump is mean. I’m 6’5", 240lbs and he scares the crap out of me.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid…

Thanks Optiker, for another great report. Very helpful and much appreciated.

Now you’re just being silly haha

Hope you’re feeling better man! We’re all pulling for ya! See you soon!

Nice report. I would be getting some of those soon.