Motels by water

Are there any motels in Charleston that has boat slips. Would like to travel down from santee, stay a night then head back up river. Thanks

I believe there is one across from Red’s on Shem Creek, not sure about slips, but they have a dock. Also, I believe there is one behing California Dreaming. Rent a slip from the marina and stay in the hotel.

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Shem Creek Inn is located on Shem Creek across from Red’s. I do not believe they have slips available for hotel guests. Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina is next to Patriot’s Point. According to the marina website you can rent a slip for $2.15 per foot per day if you are staying less than 6 days.

I’ve done this trip many times…there are two places I’ve stayed to dock and spend the night.

  1. Dock at Ripley Light Marina stay at LaQuinta(continental breakfast included) which is walking distance from California Dreaming. This is by far the cheapest approach.
  2. Dock at Ashley Marina and stay at Marriot Courtyard.
    I’ve got to warn you that the return trip can be delayed at the locks if the wind gets up. Santee will shut down the locks because of wave action. If this happens you either have to wait it out or call a cab to pick you up at Gilligan’s, take you to Black’s Camp and pull the trailer to the boat ramp across from Gilligan’s
    Also, best place to put in is at Black’s Camp, safe place to leave your vehicle overnight.
    It really is a fun trip as long as the weather cooperates…I’ve got all the phone numbers for these places…send me a PM if more info is needed…

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We’ve stayed and kept our boat at the Charleston Harbor Resort a couple of times. Great place, great marina, always enjoyed it. But a little pricey.

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like limitout posted. staying at the LaQuinta and docking at ripley marina is the best approach in my opinion. the guys at ripley are good people. Usually when we bring two boats, they only charge us for one slip because our boats are half the size of those sport fishers. Also, I did the trip a few months ago and the la quinta was getting remodeled so it should be nice and up to date now. From ripley you can easily get to most of the common places rather easily.

Thanks guys, exactly the info I was looking for.