A 9.9 Mercury 4 stroke motor was stolen from my boat last week. Serial Number is OH009664. If anyone has any information about this motor please call me at 843-817-0693. A reward will be given to the person providing the information if the motor is recovered. Thank you.

Where was your boat? Having issues where I live on James island.

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A little more info would help! Was the boat on the trailer, parked in the driveway, yard, street, what neighborhood ect? Any more info may help!

that sucks, I cant stand a thief. Hopefully, they will be arrested and your motor returned. I’ll keep a look out on craig’s list for you.

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Hope you recover your motor if legit

fish today work tomorrow

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Hope you recover your motor if legit

fish today work tomorrow

What does that mean?


No luck yet. I am not a regular user of this site, so not familiar with some of the lingo. I can assure you the posting is “legit”. To some of the posting responses, I sent you a personal reply. Hope you got it. The motor was stolen from galvanized fence enclosed, bobbed-wire topped, protected storage area in Hanahan Plantation. Again, if you have any information concerning this motor, please contact me at 843-817-0693. For added information the battery from my boat was also cut out along with two other batteries from two boat alongside of mine.