Is there a local (Charleston) MotorGuide trolling motor service center for warranty work? MotorGuides web site says the closest is 2 hours away. My anchor lock is not working and my attempts to recalibrate did not work.

I see why no one gave me an answer to this question. I took the MotorGuide trolling motor to the lady at Caiman Outdoors in Florence. She knows her stuff and did a great job repairing the motor under warranty. There was no hassle or extra that I always fear when a warranty is involved. I high recommend Carol at Caiman Outdoors for trolling motor work. Even if it was not under warranty, she is worth the drive. They have some cool little boats too.

2200V Pathfinder

Good to know!
Man, that 22 ft Pathfinder is my dream boat! How do you like yours? I love last years model with the rod holders in the gunnels.

I have used them - they are great people and do great work.

I have had the 2200V Pathfinder for a year now and I love it. It is fast and light, and easy to maneuver in the creek and around the dock. I have gone to the reef and it is nice to drop the anchor lock on trolling motor over the wreck. The gunnels are low so reaching down to the water is easy. The boat feels safe and is dry.

2200V Pathfinder