Is the striper fishery still open in Moultrie? Which area does Moultrie fall under in the regulations?

Yes the striper season is open until June 15 in Moultrie. It falls under the Santee River system regulations.

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Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha 250

Thank you. Anyone fishing Moultrie this time of year? Awefully quiet forum!

I went a couple times early in the season, caught some both times. My wife and daughter aren’t really crazy about eating them, think they are too fishy tasting. They are spoiled on trigger fish, black sea bass and such. I even tried to jazz the stripers up with a little Italian twist, but too no avail, they still weren’t impressed. So I haven’t been back lately. Caught them trolling stretch 25’s early on the morning. Some folks have been catching them with jigs around the dam area.

Pioneer 222 Sportfish Yamaha 250

did you cut the red meat out of the filet? you have to cut that out if you dont want the fishy taste.

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Try baking it with some chicken stock on the bottom of the pan. Gets rid of the fishy taste. I used to catch striped bass in Chesapeake Bay when I was stationed in Maryland. It was sweet meat, not very fishy. But that was salt water stripers. I’ve never eaten the fresh water version. Appreciate the tip. I was going to go out tomorrow, but it looks like it’s going to be pretty cold out.

Caught four today on lake moultrie , fresh is best and agree must get rid of the “red” meat and also I soak in salt water in refrigerator for two days before cooking, blackened on grill or “rockfish bites” fried are great (don’t over cook} Tut:sunglasses:

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Also the water temp was between 61-63.4 amazing for this time of year but that’s soon to change! Caught 14 fish Monday, two keepers 12-30 of water near dam on deep running rapalas a lot of bait marking in 25-35 ft of water.

Kencraft 23T twin 175f Suzuki's
Kencraft 23T twin 175f Suzuki's

Great looking picture. We ate at Bone Fish Grill in Greenville, Sunday night and they had striped bass on the menu. Called it Baha striper, cooked with avacado . I didn’t try it I had the tuna. I fix my striper felets on my greeen egg. Cut off all red meat and skin off wash in salt water rub with olive oil and old bay cook about 2 min on each side on a hot grill. I cook a lot at a time and what we don’t eat then I use to cook a fish stew, my wife thinks its chicken! cook both red and white stew!

another quick and easy way to do em. Cut and squeeze two lemons and throw them in the pot along with 1/4 cup of sugar bring to a boil add a palm full of old bay. Cut it into 1"-2" cubes and drop in the water (slow boil) do not stir when they start to float scoop them out and drizzel butter over them. Pretty good. Google poor man’s lobster … a bunch of different ways to do it.

Growing up dad would scale them and cut into steaks and mom would bake them with lemon and butter. VERY strong tasting, but that’s how Dad liked them.