Mounting cleats, etc, for yak.??????

I just got an el cheapo sit on top kayak recently and will be using it to tool around, fish etc. I want to know what is the best way to mount things to the kayak (such as cleats, etc.) I think that it is polypropelene and am not sure that if aggressive screws paired with a sealant like 5200 will “bite” well enough. I am not sure if 5200 will bond well to this type of plastic either.

Anyone have any “real world” experience with mounting / drilling on an “el cheapo”?

The best way to mount cleats is with nuts, bolts and washers (stainless) if you can get to the inside of the yak. If not, the next best thing is rivets that are made to use on kayaks or, there are special nuts but I cannot remember the name. Call or go see DolphinD at Time Out Sports.

the nuts are wellnuts.

I’ve been mounting more and more stuff with the Mighty Mount from YakAttack as a base.

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I didn’t even use nuts and bolts. I got some stainless screws and drilled right into the plastic. Then I mounted a cleat on my bow. The same method has also worked for my rod holders. I will probably use bolts/nuts for my new attachments for my stabilizers. I have ram mounts I intend to mount with stainless bolts/screws.

It really depends on how much stress the mounted part will see and what you have to lose.

I’ve put rocket launcher rod holders in with heavy duty screws. There are some deep thread screws made for plastic. They look like sheet metal screws but have even deeper threads.

Anything I’ve rigged in the last 2 or 3 years gets machine screws with flat washers and nuts on the inside or the wide spread rivets that Time Out has with washers on the backside.

The change came after a big red ripped a rod holder out of my hull.

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?


     Wellnuts, bungee strapping, fasteners, and a couple of milk crates worked wonderfully.  Thanks for the tips!  I am used to petro powered boats so this is all new to me.