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I have about 3 hours to kill after picking up my son from his camp til I pick up my daughter at her camp at St. Francis. I want to fish somewhere with my son. We tried the floating dock at Duncans yesterday. Eight dogfish, 3 croaker and a thousand crabs later we would like to try someplace else. Any suggestions?

Forgot to mention sons camp is at Goose Creek High. Maybe Bushy park? Anyone caught anything from the bank there?

If you can access Goose Creek below the reservoir you might have better luck there. Maybe where the bridge crosses you can park and go down there? Just a thought. Never tried it. I don’t think you will do well on much besides crabs at Bush from shore. Its very shallow.

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VERY shallow…although I do see people fishing from it almost daily i’m not sure what kind of luck they’re having but they are always there…I know people catch a variety of fish off of the lil dock/peir at Westvaco Park…you’ll prolly just have to try a few spots til you find some fish or a good spot to waste a lil time…hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies. We ended up at the Limehouse landing. No bites at all. Try it again another day.

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