What are you seeing as far as deer movement? I have seen deer really early or really late. Seems the rutting action has slowed down. I’m not seeing the scrapes and rubs like I was a week ago.

All bucks are moving at night on camera, with the exception of the full moon last week.

Hot weather. Yeah bucks were moving last few weeks, but it was cooler . Woods are still green, and a few acorns are around, the deer don’t have a reason to walk. Need cold nights to really get some good movement.

I had more daytime activity on my cameras in September than I’ve had in October. These temps are definitely working against us. Looks like a decent “cold front” coming next week. Hopefully that’ll get’em up and moving again.

God bless the “ignore” function.

I’ve got two at the taxidermist.

Killed a bruiser about 6:45 last Saturday evening hot on a doe’s trail.

Find the acorns, you’ll find the does, then you’ll see the bucks. I’ve seen more bucks this year than does.

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Got plenty of good photos but all are in the dark, lots of does and a 10,8,6 point at differant times during the night, only crows during the day, no hogs yet!

Most of my bucks up in the St. Stephen area are moving late at night too. Have two nice ones on camera chasing does anywhere between 10pm and 2 am. Had a big bodied 6 pt walk out on me around 7:30 am last week… going to give him a couple more years. I agree with the others, I think a little bit of “cooler” weather will have them walk later. The does haven’t minded the warm weather though. Give it a try again next week, the new moon might stir them up. Good luck.