**** MSC FEB. TOUR. ****

Next MSC Tournament!

Feb. 15, 2014 - Acapulco

Lines In: 7 a.m. - Lines Out: 3 p.m.

Weigh In: 3:30

Creel: 4 Fish per Boat
(By fishing in a tournament sponsored by Midlands Striper Club, each participant , whether member or guest, recognizes that Midlands Striper Club is not responsible for any participant’s safety. MSC has no control over the weather ( or its effects ), the acts of other boaters, the condition or hazards of the lake, or any number of unsafe conditions that may arise while fishing. Each participant of MSC tournaments understands the potential safety problems which may arise while fishing and voluntarily consents to participate knowing the risks involved.)

Just a reminder if you plan to fish the tournament this month each team needs to let Joby or myself know that you are fishing the tournament no later than the Friday night before the tournament. I know some new teams have been formed this month so please let us know who the new teams are and if you plan on fishing the tournament. You also can respond to this post if you would like too.

Just a reminder don’t forget to give me or Joby a call if you plan on fishing Saturdays tournament . Joby 803-730-0814 or Tommy 803-221-6752.


Hey Tommy/Joby,
Our team paid the other day, but the weather this week has caused changes in work schedules that will bleed over into the weekend, so we will not be able to fish this one after all. See you guys at the next tournament, hopefully.
Just a heads up so no one is “looking” for us. We will not be on the water Saturday.
Thanks…ya’ll catch em up!

Billy Pittman
USCG Licensed Captain
—Team Pitt Crew–
Sailfish 236CC

We are paid up for the season. We won’t be able to fish every month, but are planning to fish tomorrow. Thanks, Jon Boy and Debbie

Dennis Huber will have a guest fishing with him tomorrow. His name is Dan Mueller. Dennis is paid for the tournament, but not the annual dues. He will settle up at weigh-in.

Rick K