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We had our2 grandkids for the last couple weeks. My grandson did face plant off of his scooter.

Took them to The Boondocks. Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon and for them to burn off some energy


4th of July evening went to take them out to watch fireworks on the boat.
The boat knocked off about a quarter mile from The landing. Had to tool on back with the trolling motor. Gas line went bad. That was a real joy to change. But worked out there was a hell of thunderstorm that we would have been caught in.
Yeah I remember yard darts. I guess these are the new ones for wusses.

Oh yeah and talk about wusses… overheard a couple talking about needing to get their money back because it’s too hot.
these 30 something’s going to have a tough time in life.

Wife got a new top sewed up for the boat. They want $500 just for a t-top.
Got 20 yards of sunbrella for like $100.

Thought it was going to be a good year for blueberries. We only got about a quart off of our bush. Wife made a mess of muffins.

They wanted to do bike night before they went home.


Good on ya for letting those kids be kids. Fall off the bike and hurt yourself? You’ll learn not to do that again.

Great pictures; thanks for sharing!

I wish I had a pap like OTC

Lucky younguns

Looks like good old fashion fun. We used to shoot at each other with BB guns and roman candles. Somehow, we all survived. Lawn darts? Yep, we had them. We’d throw them as high as we could and dodge them when they came down. Maybe that is why the stopped making the real ones?

Nice job OTC! Some of my best memories from my youth are the times I spent with my Grand’pa!!

nice pictures. those muffins look money

You know ur kids had a good time when you ask them… did u have fun with your grandparents… they give you a huge smile & you notice they are missing a couple teeth.

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