Murray 5/29

Went out to Murray at sunrise, hadnt been on the lake in a year+, started at the towers first, managed 1 dink on a freeline as we were circling around chasing topwater action (nothing big, mainly just spotty boiling fishing). Fished the main channel around Goat Island with several other boats with great marks DEEP and 1 low 20" fish on a freeline, moved north of Spence Island around the condo’s and had another low 20’s fish (fat) on the freeline, and finished off the day with a HARD fighting 8-10# fish on a downline at about 40’.

Not a banner day, but avoided the skunk, having not done it in a year +, we were happy to have caught some before it got to busy on the lake.

Water was clear, mostly avg’ing 77*.