Murray 7/18 morning

At our reliable 63 foot cut off a point at 0630. Had three fish (2 keepers, big being 7 pounds) by 0700 then the fish went away. Went to another 68 foot cut off Burton Point and marked lots of fish (with lots of “big fish” alarms). Caught another quick 7 pounder and then they went away just as fast. By 0900 it was all over. Looks like anchoring wasn’t a good ploy this morning as fish were not sticking around long. Was not our best day, but we’ve had a lot worst.

On the plus side, however, ordered our Sea Angler insulated fish bag Monday and USPS delivered it Tuesday. It stows away pretty good under my console. If the Capt catches something that won’t fit in it, we’ll deal with it somehow. And our GPS is working just fine today. So it might have been sun spots.

Good size fish either way. Using cut bait or live? I haven’t tried cut bait before, but been thinking about giving it a shot. Heard the bigger fish are sometimes caught on cut. I guess the bigger they get, the lazier they get and just want an easy meal. Or that is the way it is with redfish on the coast.


Well they were live herring when we put them in, and in my mind, that works best, but I know that we have often caught them on “dead” herring just hanging from the hook. I’ve heard the same tale about cut bait and often try it, especially when live bait is running low as we usually just get 2 dozen, and we’ve caught some decent fish, but it hasn’t been our most productive method.

I’m also still trying to catch something on a bucktail which I’ve heard so much about. I’m on the verge of donating mine to Mythbusters.

Different subject, how do you upload pictures. Is it just like adding an attachment or must it be saved somewhere else first?

Just click the little paper clip at the bottom when you are typing a post and follow the instructions. It has to be a certain size though, so I use Irfanview to resize my images.


I went out Monday morning with my 11 year old but a little late getting on the water ~ 8:45. We got absolutely skunked. No marks, no bites, nada! And to top it all off my structure scan quit on me.
I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m ready for some cooler weather. Must be getting soft in my old age!
I’m glad to see ya’ll are still catching em though. Keep up the good reports.

Originally posted by pattianne

I’m also still trying to catch something on a bucktail which I’ve heard so much about. I’m on the verge of donating mine to Mythbusters.

LOL…They REALLY do work. This probably isn’t the best time of the year to try and get them on a bucktail though unless you have lead core line or downriggers and troll.

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Had 3 as soon as we dropped around 6:30, then they took off, found one from time to time and ended the day with 6 all about 20" - 22".
Not a great day but still found fish. All fish in 50 to 65 feet with live herring.

We troll bucktails in daylight using lead core at 45 feet. Works pretty good. Night time we troll 11 inch grandmaw lures also at 45 feet on lead core which produces larger fish.

Thanks for the info. We had no idea how much we did not know about trolling.