Murrells inlet this AM

Hit the creeks from 7am to 11am. Caught 1 black drum, 4 reds, 9 flounder & few whiting. All caught on shrimp & finger mullet we netted.
Only keeper sizecwas one 20" flounder.


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OUTSTANDING job, and what a flatty!

Thanks for the report, keep 'em coming.

Looks like a good day to me. Nice flounder.

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Is it too early to say the new regs have helped the flatty population? Couple of nice ones there, well done yall!

very nice!!!

I’d take that any day off the week!

Been fishing MI off & on for 15 years & that’s the most flounder we’ve caught in one trip out. Not sure if the flounder population is growing or I’m actually figuring out how to catch them. :thinking:

Guy up from us in a kayak was slaying them, i think he was sitting right at the honey hole. Most were very small, he said he only had one keeper as well.

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Went out again this morning and had similar results.


good stuff man looks like fun!

Whole family, lucky guy, keep em going.

Thanks, we all had a blast.
1st day my son caught the most & 2nd day it was my daughter.

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On the water with the family. A great day in my book.