Murrels Inlet Oyster Shell Recycling Landing

Hello Everyone- Question…
I have an 18’ Montauk… Can i launch at the recycling center and get to the ocean? Is my boat too big to run Oaks Creek at low tide?
Just curious. My in-laws live near there and we kayak at the SP all the time. I’ve seen others using the landing for smaller center consoles and jon boats and was thinking about trying it.

Thank you

I have been there a lot of times but never tried launching a boat there. I think you will be okay as long as you do not try to launch at low tide. Also be careful were you park or at high tide it could get wet.
You can get to the ocean at high tide but just not sure if you can at low tide. Getting into Oak at low might be hard but once you get into Oak you should be ok at low as long as you take it careful until you learn the deeper channel.
I would suggest putting the kayaks in at low & check the water levels to see if your boat will be okay then.

Thanks Areeldrag.

That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

I have launched a 16’ boat there several times. I don’t think you would have a problem. Not sure about the low tide situation. It’s a nice place to launch from. You don’t have to fight the crowd at the landing and you don’t have to walk half a mile.

I am curious if had any luck?
If so let us know, I have an 18ft Jon boat that I would like to launch there to avoid the crowds at the DNR ramp.