My backyard.... for a few days


Gypsies in the Palace

West of D.C. There’s worse places to be in the fall.

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Pretty cool as long as you don’t have to clean out calf fans or anything

When you leave go NW to Front Royal, where you can take a South on the Skyline Drive.

Take Skyland down to I64 east where Skyland and the Blue Ridge Parkway meet.

64 east to 95 south

You’ll know from there

The Skyland Drive part is guaranteed to be a visual cornucopia of deciduous “stuff”.

The low country of south carolina is gods country, but he spends his fall vacation along the crest of the blue ridge in the Appalachian mountains.

Get you some

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I wish we had the time to do that…on another trip for sure.

kind of sounds like EF has been that way…

That’s a beautiful pic Ricky!!!

I love that description of Skyline. Dead on perfect !