my bimini project

Here is my bimini project. Didn’t really want to shell out a bunch of money for a new top. Sharky come through for me with some awning material. He passed it to Penny and Donnie since I was out of town and she held on to it for me. Then top2tobottom1 put some strong stitches around the edges. I took a few shots as I went along. This was fun. It may not look as good as a factory top but it sure is a lot less expensive. I think it turned out alright, better than alright.

initial layout

first cut for fitting, note material in background

glued and taped to size

first fitting

looking like a bimini now

inner bows and straps added. After this step I had it sewed by top2bottom1. He did a great job!

that extra material was enough to make a boot. Cut, glued, taped and then put eight snaps along the edge.

ITS UP!! Made some straps using the old hardware. Still trying to figure the best place to put them. On the top of the bimini bows or down the side shaft a little, where they are now.

Again, thanks to sharky for the material, penny for being the middle (wo)man and top2bottom1 for stiiching the edges. I couldn’t have done it without you folks.

I hope to return the favor to you folks in the future.


Wow, looks great. I have tackled a lot of tasks but not sure I would have tried that one.

top looks good,dog looks bored…

Nice work, Do you do cusions for patio furniture…LOL

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I love project posts

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I’m more impressed with that clean garage! Looks good man!

Being superstitious is bad luck.

glad you could use looks good too.