My Pleasant Pier

Finally getting to come down with my son. (7/10th thru 15th) Any tips for fishing that location? Will be in area through Sat.

Well first off what are you looking to fish for? If your going out just to catch some fish such as Whiting, Pinfish, Stringray, etc. You can just go to Walmart a get some double drop rigs and some 4-1/0 hooks and your good to go. The pier sells frozen shrimp that will catch fish. Now, if your looking to go catch fish like Flounder, Trout, and maybe Redfish you can make a Carolina rig with about 18" of leader with a 1/0-3/0 circle hook and use mud minnows. (They can be bought a Harrell’s Bait and Tackle. Not far from pier). Good luck and safe travels. Hope to see some pictures of your catch.

There is also good sheepshead fishing off that pier. Use fiddlers and light leaders. Be sure to post a report ! Good luck!

You got the best advice in the 2 posts above. Good luck! Now let us know how you do.

Gonna be Thursday toward low tide before we can get out. Only gonna have the one day from the whole week. But one is better than none.
Is Pier too high for cast net? Or is there an area near by that I can cast from.?



Bring extra rope for the castnet

Ya know, it must be nice living in Neverneverland. Remind me to come visit you, when I need a break from reality.

Did you and your son have any luck with the fish, sclorax?

Did not get to fish, too hot, but did report what I saw.

Water falling and about 5 ft of the grass at around 2:30. Young boy had caught a nice 18 inch trout on bloodworm just as the water was coming of the grass.

A man at the 1st gathering deck had a bucket of fiddlers but nothing to go after he said. The sheephead he had seen the Sunday / Monday before where not there this day.

Lady at end of pier stated a 4ft Hammerhead was caught that morning, but nothing else she had seen (too hot).
So, son and I went to the cool aquarium. It was very cool.

Spent week with son at the Beidler Audubon Forest near
Harleyville just off I-26 (exit 187?). I volunteered that week to help clean fire breaks while my son went to the day camp. The cool thing is we were allowed to stay in a cabin over a mile deep in the woods which folks can experience for their volunteer work.

Has electricity, but no TV or radio. Tub with very little hot water tank. Most folks opt out of it, but we enjoy it when we get it. In winter you have to keep loading the wood heater and it gets cold, so you do get up.


Sounds like you made good memories with your boy. That’s a win!
Thanks for the report.