Name that landing

Jeopardy theme song…

(I have no idea btw)

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big tide makes it tough, either sol legare or paradise island

Definitely sol legree- I know where this man fishes!

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That’s not Cherry Point, is it? It looks too wide.

EDIT: Second look - it is too wide. Definitely Sol Legare, right there off the ramp.

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Gotta be Sol Legare. If not, one of Kebdas private launches.

Sol legre. Some Canadian tourist stopped by to watch the sunset and thought it was an amazing road and landing. I’ve never thought of how nice of a place it actually is because I’ve been going there for ever. I told them about demetre park and I’m sure they loved it.

did you tell the Canadians about the drunk guy who drove off the Sol Legare ramp and into the river with a passed out passenger and he drown? not that it really matters one way or the other, but figured since we were telling stories and such…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

Considering the landing’s nefarious history, I don’t think I want the prize for winning 40’s game

Is Backman’s seafood still open?I would always stop there and give away some marshhens and get some skrimp when taking the boys hunting.Hadn’t been in years,probably get caught running the motor while gunning anyway.haha

Backmens is closed, has been closed for a while. There are stories about every boat landing. I’ve heard of thefts and worse at nearly every single landing I’ve ever heard of. I’m sure the stories you don’t hear about are much worse.

yea, I wonder how many other stolen cars and hooker shoes are in the Stono river a few hundred yards up or down fro Sol Legare?

The Morris Island Lighthouse