National Police Week

I challenge everyone to walk up to every law enforcement professional you see this week and say, “Thank you.” Say thank you and mean it. Thank that police officer for putting their life on the line every time they put on the uniform to keep YOUR town, neighborhood, borough, safe from crime.

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I do it frequently.
All my grandkids are very good about that.
Little kid comes up that puts a big smile on the officer’s face.

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EVERY EVERY officer I come in contact with, even Security Guards, always say THANK YOU for your service!!!

ALSO military of any sort, even ROTC or Reserves, National Guard for sure too.

Also WAVE to every law enforcement officer I see, if not in voice contact…

THANK YOU OFFICERS, CONGRATULATIONS in this week of your honor, and God bless EVERY ONE, even the bad ones too…!!!

I do something similar . But I also ask them to avoid letting the politicians push them into becoming revenue collectors because that separates them from serving and protecting