Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5

Sorry for posting here but I feel like the classifieds aren’t awfully active and I would like to sell this quickly.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5
-color: sand
-comes with seat, homemade push pole and graphite shaft paddle
-$800 or best offer
-the ideal kayak if you’re into poling, fly fishing and sight fishing

Hate to sell it but I just graduated and have to move where my job is and where the redfish aren’t.

I’m in Columbia and will email plenty of pictures on request.

Forgot to mention, I’m selling my Yakima roof rack, fairing and straps too.

A tandem?

All Ultimate 14.5s can be either solo or tandem. This comes with one seat and I always used it as a solo but if you want, its easily converted into a tandem - all you have to do is buy a seat and put it in the boat. If you want to make it a solo again, just remove the front seat and readjust the back seat.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! I quit looking in the classifieds because of deals like this :wink:

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I am definitely interested in your Kayak. Would like to see some pics. How old is it and has it been stored inside or out?


2 years old

Stored under roof

Normal wear and tear on bottom, seat and inside of the kayak are as clean as they come.

Still available… make me an offer.

Will trade for a top of the line windsurfing set up. Over 2500 worth of gear. Great on the lake. Full set up.

This is crazy, boat is STILL available.

$700 if you can pick it up from me tomorrow in Columbia before I move.

you have a pm

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