Navionics card acting up in my Lowrance

Lately whenever I turn on my HDS 7 the navionics charts do not come up. I need to remove the card and reinsert in order for the charts to appear. Anyone else run into this problem? Should I be taking the card out at the end of the trip each time?

I had the problem a few weeks ago with my navionics chip and humminbird unit. it got to where it wouldnt work at all. i took it out and tried to update it with my laptop, but it wouldnt even read it. it stayed in my laptop, then like a week later i noticed that my laptop was now reading the chip. so i took it out and plugged it back into my unit and its been working fine ever since. i think the chip or the microSD adapter had gotten some moisture in it and it just dried up sitting in my laptop. i still keep the chip in my unit all the time, but if it starts to act up again, im going to either take it out each time or figure out how to seal the chip cover better

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After many years of leaving my electronics in my boats I have learned to take off my 12" unit each time i put the boat on the trailer and remove and keep it in a computer brief case in my truck. I have never had a problem in the last 8 years! I use a ram mount so it’s not a big deal, and I can easy use the unit in all my boats which I have a tranducer and power cable in.