NE1 want to go sunday murray

wanted to go in the morning but cant find ne1 to go with me. got one friend who dosnt fish much so i told him wed go trolling with umbrellas for about 3 hours around noon. if ne1 wants to go with us ill change those plans to a 6 or 7 hour serious fishing trip if some one calls.
my cell number is 803 603 1465 and you can call up untill about 2am or so and we can still go.
if some calls …the tenative gameplan…
leave at 7 or 8
take 2 rods with umbrellas
take 6 rigged up for slow trilling herring
take 3 rigged with topwater plugs

hit a point by my house with umbrellas
hit both points of bomb island with umbrellas
if that donst produce …or a bunch of small ones
hed up to the dam and catch some herring (the other day at the sce&g boat dock, they were all over the placce) i figure we can either catch some in my 10 foot cast net or sabiki rig up a few.
then well hit the points slow trolling untill about 3 or 4.

i have a 24 foot pontoon and i guarantee it will be a laid back atmosphere and just try to have a good time. the only thing ill ask you to bring is a bait net (lost mine) if you have one. i dont even expect money for bait or gas. bait will be free if we catch it and my dad filled up gas tank.

if you have always wanted to call someone off this site to go fishing but never have… this is it. i need someone to go with me.

if ne1 is wonedering im 20 and go to clemson.

alrigt waiting fot your call (lol)
803 603 1465

Wanted to go today myself, but with all the boats and stuff (D@*# it.) Rain moved in so I settled for some bream and shellcracker on the dock and some cool ones. Hope you did better.