Near Shore Trolling

Trying to get into some fish closer than 60 miles out. Anyone have any luck with trolling near the closer reefs or near shore? I’ve heard the Spanish are in… just looking to get into something.

Last year we caught a lot of king and spanish trolling over the Chas 60. Wherever we marked bait, we would catch. All we used were clark spoons

60 miles is a long way out. Dolphin are easily in your range, assuming you have the right equipment. Look for weeds or floating debris from 75’ on out. Also look over live bottoms and artificial reefs.

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Kings are within sight of land right now. Slow troll over live bottom 10-15 miles out will do. Research how to slow troll for kings.

We are going out tomorrow. Gonna try for some kings at some point during the day. I’ll let you know how we did.

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Go to the end of the north jetty,they are hanging some big ones there.

I am part of the mosquito fleet and a big fan of going straight out to 150’ or so and just set the spread. THEN look for weeds and whatever else you can to improve your chances. A few dolphin is all I’m looking for, anything else is a bonus. I had my 21 footer way out there with the sportys a couple of times and got skunked just like they did. Decided I needed to maximize my fishing time and safety so now its 150’ and lines in.