Nearshore 11/26 w/Daymaker Fish

After having a slow day yesterday inshore, we decided this morning to switch up and try some sheeps at the nearshore reef. Started off as expected catching tons of little bsb until, after about 30 min, my son, using one of my striper rods spooled with 15 lb test, had something grab the fiddler and take off running. I thought we would have to pull the anchor as the I was assuming it would run out with the outgoing current, which was rippin at the time, but he seemed to do the opposite most of the time and we stayed put and finally got him to the boat. Turned out to be a nice 39" red…our biggest ever…by far!

Once we got done shaking enough were we could bait a hook, we got back to fishing and started picking up an occassional sheep between the bsb. They were few and far between, some small, but did manage a few that will be keeping me company on my way back to Columbia in the morning.

'07 198 DLX Carolina Skiff
FS90 Suzuki

Nice day for you. Good move to head offshore.

A wise man once said “Do as I say not as I do” Good advice when I tell you that.

Nice Fish!

That’s a PIG! Nice job on the Sheeps as well.

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