Nearshore Cell Service?

If the weather permits I’m hoping to head out to the nearshore reef and possibly the capers reef on Monday or Tuesday in a 24ft Sea Fox. I have a SPOT Gps thingy, but I’m just curious if both of those reefs are in cell phone range. I know the Near-shore is about 3 miles and I would think you would have it there, but Capers is about 5-7 so i’m not so sure about that.

Just curious to know whether or not I will have to solely rely on the SPOT or if I will have the use of a cell phone as a back-up.

Yes you should have service. I’ll typically have service until two buoy sets before the c buoy. T mobile

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I have service 9.5 mi out you should be fine

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I can text 14 miles out off Hilton head. Little spotty sometimes though.

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We can text 14 miles off of gtown jetties…phone calls around 11 miles out.

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You should have cell service at capers

no problem at either

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