Nearshore Fun - Sat 7/7

This past Saturday was the first time I truly felt comfortable taking my 176CC to some nearshore reefs. It was a great day getting out there early catching menhaden quickly to get to the Cobia, Remoras and a couple missed Kings! Came back in just as other boats were making it out there and had the best action on Spanish I’ve had all summer, just barely missing the rain from that gnarly storm that was right behind us.

2012 176CC Keywest 115hp Yamaha

Congrats on your day…but that Cobia is nowhere near legal. I would take the picture down.

36inch FL, how is that not legal?

2012 176CC Keywest 115hp Yamaha

I measured him twice at 36inches, if you are looking at the Remora we sent those back, it seems a lot of people think those are juvenile Cobia

2012 176CC Keywest 115hp Yamaha

Yeah, I’d say unless your the size of Andre the Giant, that cobia isn’t close to legal. Glad you had fun though.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that you both are absolutely wrong or that you think you can tell by my photos the acutal legenth of that fish that leave me not caring anymore. Sorry but I know the length, the rules, and living by them.

in case someone else wants to chime in here is the full photo of the fish with me who is 6’3 275. I’ll leave it at that.

2012 176CC Keywest 115hp Yamaha

Don’t listen to the internet police. Nice catch and thanks for the post!!

joneser3. ALL of the fish on the bow of the boat look undersized due to the angle and distant the shot was taken.
If you say you measured them then so be it.

Glad you guys were able to crush them. Hope to see you out there.

@fshunman yeah I thought that too, my buddies wife took it standing on the trailer tire. Was hoping for a over the CC pic. Just sucks to have to justify. Thanks!

2012 176CC Keywest 115hp Yamaha

Nice catch and thanks for sharing. Sorry a couple of asshats had to rain on the parade.

“…be a man and PM me.”

Nice cap btw.

Point taken. Didn’t think about the camera angle. My apologies. Definitely not trying to be an asshat or rain on anyone’s parade!