Nearshore on Wednesday 24th

We headed out yesterday morning early, made bait in the Ashley at low and got on nice large 8 and 10 inch mullet. We headed to the 60, Windfinder said 3.5 to 3.7 at 5 sec. and supposed to drop to 3.2 at 10 sec. around noon. We decided at about the third set of cans we didn’t want to get beat that hard so turned toward the nearshore to fish till noon. We got anchored and put out baits, It was more like 5’ at 5 sec. but persevere and put the kite up (a learning curve) about an hour after getting anchored we had something smoke off about 100 yards of line before pulling the hooks. That was the only knockdown and I had the Admiral on board, she had had enough so we headed in after about 3 hours and trolled the jetties hoping for a Spanish with no luck. The swell didn’t lay down so didn’t go back out. I feel sure the bite was a King because of how fast it took line. I did finish the day with some Spot Tails including the Admiral’s personal best 25" Red and another 27" both tagged and released. The Kings are there but I am in a mosquito fleet boat and not as young as I used to be, at least my back isn’t.