Need advice on Taco GS -170 Outirggers & Bases

We have a 24’ Sea Pro and only fish offshore a few times a year. I am looking at purchasing a set of Taco GS 170 mounts and the 1-1/8" poles. I do plan to lock in & deploy them when we get out to the fishing grounds and do not plan to ride with them in the mounts.

Will these work for our boat and will they hold up to fishing offshore?

Yep, they will work fine. Make sure you have backing plates, put they up and roll out.

I bought some earlier this year and they have worked flawlessly so far. 4-5 trips on them.

I’ve had mine for 5 years and no problems.

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Anything by TACO metals are Great. The service on warranty issues they back. I cant say enough kudo’s about. And yes the outriggers are the bomb. Just my two cents.