Need help finding a 18-19' boat trailer

Need help finding a 18-19’ boat trailer. Guys, I went over to the Dark Side. I brought a boat, an 18 or 19’ center console. The reason I don’t know the exact size is I bought it at a boat auction and the size wasn’t listed. The boat is being shipped by truck in a week or two and it has no trailer. I am looking for both a trailer and a place to keep it. Any idea, info you may have, deals you know of would be appreciated. Also, any marina with a fork lift service would be awesome. Thanks much for any help in advance. Henry aka taekwondo45

Salty, You probably already did this, but thought I’d say you’d probably do better posting in Boats and Motors, or even inshore/offshore discussion. Good luck.

Many go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

I did, I made the mistake of placing in the wrong location. The mod can delete it or move it or lock it please.