Need help for lettering new dash buttons

What I need is white lettering (not stickers with black background) something that peels off and only leaves white letters for what each button does, can anyone help me find someone that can make theses?..

Know anyone with a Circut machine?
If not check, ebay or etsy, there are people out there that will do custom stickers.
Just make sure they use marine grade vynol.

Thanks, but I’m stuck at what size and what to ask for?, im puzzled as to what size lettering?, is there a standard?.. I put up one pic with a tape measure to show scale size of buttons, … what size lettering should I request?

Most of them that do custom work you can contact direct sone way.
I’d send them that pic then send them another close up pic of the bilge pimp letters with the tape measure so they can see the size.
Ask them to get as close to size & font as they can.
Assuming what words you want will fit with that lettering, may need to go with smaller ones in your pic.

I need to do some for mine too, i can never remember.

West Marine has some. May not be exactly what you’re looking for?

Great idea as it never hit me to scale it by the bildge pump!, thanks !.. I’ve been putting this off for a while and trying to get it all done before spring when I’m gonna fish every good weather day till it gets too hot

Hey mixed! Hope all is well as I am and back to getting the boat tightened up and projects finished, call me sometime so we can get a trip lined up and I apologize for having to cancel the last one due to the ( c-bug) but all good now , stocking up on tackle

At work, I used to use a good bit for exactly what you are describing, but US Navy applications. They used to be downtown, but looks like they’ve moved to west ashley on the road between Boxcar Betty’s and Bestbuy.

RKO is good and pretty fast turnaround time. Go in there with your pictures and dimensions and talk to Kelly. She’s great and will steer you in the right direction.

Go ahead and get two copies of your stickers. Its just a few bucks more for the second copy. You’ll appreciate having the extras when you get saucy with the pressure washer one day next summer.

Thanks for in sounds great!, ( I do get crazy with the pressure washer) lol! So a backup set might just be worth it

Yeah, you’ll pay more for the first copy with a setup fee, but that second copy is cheap insurance to have. You’ll be thankful you have it one day, even if its summer of '24.

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They do what you’re talking about. The letters are laser cut out and you put the whole thing on the dash. As you peel away the “negative space,” just your white letters are left on there. Measure twice and be sure to get your surfaces clean. One these go on, you can’t really remove them and re stick them. You want to get placement right the first time.

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Me too!

Let’s go fishing!