Need help learning to use onepole to shrimp?

Hi Shrimpers,
I’m willing to show someone how and where I used to set up in Bull’s Bay using the one pole method I’ve used very successfully for several years. In return for a share of the shrimp of course. It’s just got too hard on me to go out alone any more.
I could also demonstate my method at Crab Bank, but I’m not quite as familiar with that area as I am with Bull’s Bay. I have had some good catches there and off of James island Yacht Club before I began going to BB in the daytime exclusively a few years ago.
The ablilty to throw/open an 8’ net consistently is highly suggested.

One pole call me I been shrimping for 9 yrs but always like to go with new people. 830 3675 have everything plus 20 ft seapro .

Onepole - you have mail.

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