Need help with fuel tank size

I have a 1989 Proline 230 Walkaround and for the life of me cannot find out what sizetank i have. One site i searched says its 90gals another says it 110gals. The Proline website doesnt go back far enough to look there. I know someone is going to say “run it til its empty, then fill it up.” Well the crappy part of that is I’ll run out of gas on the water and dont want that. So can anyone help me out? Thanks

There were a couple different styles of 23 foot Pro lines built in the late 80’s evidently.

This will likely help you in your search

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Remove the cover over the fuel sending unit, on the floor of your boat.

Fuel tank capacity should be etched onto a tag, there, near the fuel sending unit.

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Like Mixed Nuts said, the LAW requires all tank manufactures to install a data plate showing who built it and the capacity. I had to replace a below deck tank a couple years ago. A little scrubbing and sahzam, there was the builder, the capacity and place of business. Tanks have a model number that they can look up and make you an exact copy. Give them a CC and a few days later the big brown truck will have a new one on your porch.

Thanks for the help guys. I broke down and filled the tank from near empty. Im guessing its either an 80 or 90 gal tank.

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