Need help with raising money...

Wasn’t sure where to post, but I need to ask the fishing world for a favor!!!

My wife is the Director of the REACH program at the College of Charleston. The REACH Program (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes) offers students with intellectual disabilities the right to attend college. Students are given a chance to continue growing personally and academically while exploring career options. The end goal is for students to live independently after graduation.

Unfortunately, financial aid and scholarships have not yet caught up with the demand. Students in the REACH Program must pay full tuition with little to no assistance. (An in-state student will see bills totaling just under $30,000/year with tuition, fees, room and board and a meal plan!) More than once, she has had to say goodbye to a student because they couldn’t afford tuition.

I know how hard it is right now financially, I have a sophomore in college myself, and every semester we struggle to figure out a way to make ends meet for her so that she doesn’t have to get loans (which aren’t available to the kids so it falls completely on the families).

So I am asking, is there anyone out there willing to donate a fishing trip, or anything that she can use in auctions to raise money? There is a live and silent auction so nothing is to big or small.

It is also a really cool gale to attend, on September 27 at the Daniel Island Club. Several local celebs attend and help make it an great night as well.

You can contact my wife for more information CUSACKEL@COFC.EDU or by phone at 843-953-4849. You can also follow the REACH Program on Twitter and Facebook for continued updates.

Or get back with me here!!

Thanks for reading such a long post, and I really appreciate anything you can do.

Chris Cusack