Need Help

Alright, Ive been kayak fishing in the Folly this summer and havent gotten a (**() thing. I live on James Island and love to fish but have been skunked every time I go on the Folly. Im not looking for that spot like everyone else says on here haha, but I would love some hints and tips from experianced anglers on this page. Places, live or artificial, anything like that. I’ve mostly been using dead shrimp and cut mullet when Im out on the Folly. Ive heard Bowens Island is a good place to put in? Thank you yall!

Winter is a hard time. No bait in creeks. Reds are schooled up in SHALLOW water and are very spooky like 50-150 fish in a school. Look for small disturbances on the water surface on wide shollow banks and flats in between oyster beds. The winter redfishery is focused on dead low tide. If during a cold fron tor really cold weather the trout are concentrated in deep holes in the creeks. Otherwise there on the flats with redfish as well. Sheepshead bite is pretty good inshore around any piling with good growth on it. Use live fiddlers. Since there ain’t any bait in the water perfect time for artificials. Zman goldrush Houdini or redbone or bad shad paddlerZ or minnowS fished with 1/8 ounce flutter or jig head is always a solid start. Alls once you find a school of redfish they will normally stay there, and there very spooky so don’t fish them too hard day after day have sone different spots to try. Best advice is get out there, dress warm and waterproof look for signs of life on water surface and be quiet. Good luck

Hunter P. Hames
11’ Tarpon 100
19’ Sea Fox 125 merc