Need to show an Ohio boy the salt life.

One of my best friends is coming to stay with me the last weekend of June. He has taken me on a couple great bass fishing excursions. It’s my turn to treat him. We want to do some shark fishing. When I go by myself I just set up at Breach Inlet and might catch one good one. I’ll supply my own tackle, bait, ice and consumables. I will thrown in for gas too. And if you want I’ll buy the beer. I cant afford a charter service, I dont make a lot of money so this is my last resort. We can do either Friday night or Saturday night. Please guys I need to show my buddy a great time. WE WILL BE VERY RESPECTFUL OF YOU, YOUR BOAT AND YOUR RULES. pm me if you can help us.

I would love to help you guys have some fun. I was a charter captain for a long time. I ran inshore charters as well as captain ivans boats. I think he is the best king fisherman around. He certainly tought me a few things. I have been out of the business for a while and no longer do charter fishing. I do take friends fishing as long as they contribute. What kind of gear do you have. Do you have TLDs , or something a king, tarpon or cobia could be wrangled with? You would be fishing on a 22 foot Edgewater with yamaha 225

And by the way…roll tide

I have two penn 114 on penn powersticks with 100# and a 9ft spinning rod with 80# we are will to contribute to gas and we’ll supply refreshments.


Lol. My dad is die hard volunteer. I grew up going to Gatlinburg, smokies…makin the road trips to knoxville. I dont have any of my bigger stuff any more. Fly rods, baitcasters etc.

Pm or email phone. Im getting pulled in three ways right now, but can talk when free.