Needed to try N clear the mind this past week

Lots going on but fishing is the site. Fished Thursday and met some fishermen who follows this site and called me by name, we chatted for a while and off I went to tighten my line. Caught numerous Trouts that didn’t fall into a hot pan of grease

. Didin’t post so now I’m following through. Fished this morning with Trouts here and there with a great morning sunrise
. Got a somewhat slam with a very small Flatty
but caught numerous trouts and Reds but the Motherlode Exploded and I was so excited I was praying that I netted this Baby because no one would believe my big one that got off fish story. I were wishing Optiker would turn a corner to verify but I had football on the mine and headed to the hill
Just had to take numerous photos before releasing it. 22.5" Trout. Man what a day. Football Time. Forgot to mention all fish released. Chicken wings today no fish


Wow, you sir are an inspiration!

Great pictures and information


Thanks to all of you guys for support and information that has gotten me this far

Nice Trout! Thanks for the report, and pics!

Man, that is a NICE trout! Way to go Fatrat!!

Awesome report! Full sized slam when you average that big trout with the little flatty!

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December and you still can manage to find flounder.
As usual great report…

great trout

Thats what im talking about! Good stuff, thanks!

I might not make it past 11 on the clock today… got some PTO to burn… we shall see!

Excellent work…

Great to see you yesterday. Great fish too. We couldn’t find any big trout but I’m glad to know they are around. Send that to Release Over 20 please. is the site, should be self-explanatory.

Trophy Trout. Nice!

That’s a stud for sure.

Welcome Ira Holley to the site, new members always welcome, and old ones too.

One for the books! Merry Christmas!

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