Negril Jamaica vs Costa Rica

Hey guys, been thinking about going on a vacation really soon. Trying to decided where we wanna go. We have heard Negril Jamaica has the most beautiful beaches but heard some of the tours are better in Costa Rica! Basically we want to relax on vacation on the beach, but also wanna do some snorkeling and fishing!!! Any input would be awesome…


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relaxing on the beach=Jamaica
Tours of the Rainforest, Volcanoes, coasts etc= costa rica
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Thanks for the quick reply Fritz!! Do you know if Jamaica has any good snorkeling or fishing tours? We are a young couple and wanna relax and do some fun activities as well. Not so much into hiking but love to do things on the water? Wanna relax but dont wanna be bored to death

Thanks again

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Surfing on the Pacific coast of Coata Rica is great. Not so much for snorkeling, water is rough. Jamaica has plenty but the BEST is in Cozumel. Those e-tours of Coata Rica are very nice but loaded with slow moving old folks in black socks and sandals.

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I have some freinds that have a rental in Costa Rica… never been there, but the pictures look nice…

Jamaica is great for partying. The snorkling is ok, but really kinda lackluster because locals eat everything that swims. Can’t speak about CR.

I have not been to Costa Rica, have been to several different places in Jamaica. I’d pick CR, the snorkeling/diving in Jamaica is average, leave the resort and you are hassled to buy ganja (ok if you are in to that but be aware of setups). If you have never been to either, I believe you would be happy with whatever you decide but I believe the snorkeling and fishing will be better in CR. Have fun!

The wife and I are heading to Negril in January…I’ll let you know. :smiley:

Costa Rica = Amazingly nice people. Oldest democracy in Central America. Safe society with 95% literacy. Large and diverse country with spectacular jungles, volcanos, wildlife, adjacent to two other beautiful countries. Beautiful beaches with fantastic surfing, diving, and fishing (not good diving during rainy season). Low priced rental homes nestled in the mountains with fantastic ocean views (seriously, $800/week, some less).

Jamaica = Dangerous society. Completely different culture. Small island nation. Rampant crime. 5th highest murder rate of any country in the entire world. Contantly will be approached and harrassed on the beaches by locals wanting to sell you weed or whatever. Beautiful beaches with fantastic surfing and fishing. High priced rental homes.

We go to CR every year. Wouldn’t step foot on Jamaica. Just my 2 cents.

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whose weed is better, Costa Rica or Jamaica?

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In all fairness to Jamaica, Most all of those murders take place in Kingston amongst the gangs. Stay away from there and you are fine.I have yet to go to any 3rd world country where people weren’t trying to sell me something. The reason I like Jamaica is because you can fly direct from Charlotte.

CR is a 4.5 flight from Charlotte shop around and find a deal!

Ditto JimIslander’s sentiments. No plans to ever set foot in Jamaica again

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have you looked into belize? look into one of the resort on ambergris caye. very relaxing, not overcrowding but some of the best snorkeling in the world.