Neighborhood crime

Third time this month my truck has been broken into.

They leave the doors open, and move on to the neighbors vehicles.

Tear up the dash and console, but miss the obvious, thank Goodness!

Last night I had a small ($800.00) generator in the passenger floor board, and my subscription Costas hanging from my rear view mirror.

Another "item"or two that were completely missed, for the third time!

Is your truck locked? If so, how are they breaking in? Hopefully not breaking a window. Do you have security lights/cameras? I know you should not have to do these kinds of things to protect your own property but, sadly, this is the world we live in.

Please tell me you don’t keep a firearm in your truck. I have a neighbor that has had 2 handguns stolen one two separate occasions. I told he was stupid to have put one back in there after the first break-in. That is 2 more guns on the street in the hands of turds.

Doors left unlocked. I’d rather them get in “easy” than break a window over something petty. They left the generator. I had loaded it for one of my guys to use on a hunting trip this weekend. My Costas too.

Both of my neighbors at the end of the street are LEO’s. One, a former Richland Co. Deputy.

I talked to his wife, as I was walking into the house last night. She said they’re specifically targeting guns. Last time it was Electronics, and Golf Clubs.

We all have them on our Ring Camera’s. Looks like someone got a good face pic, and a good shot of their car.

Four guys walking along the houses, one driver following close by, in case they’re noticed, for a quick get away.

Five neighborhoods targeted, within a 1.5 mile radius.

Lastly, I do (used to) keep a Taurus Gen. II Millineal, in my truck. Last time, they missed it in the bottom of the glove box, after throwing everything else out of it.

This time, I it was laying on the floor, behind the passenger seat, and they missed it.

Lesson learned! I wont get that lucky again! And I appreciate your advice on keeping my weapon out of the hands of a criminal!! Thanks!

I’ll be carrying it to, and from, my truck, on a daily basis.

People are pissed off, and I hope someone doesn’t get killed over this!

I hate a theif and would never judge a man for killing one.

We’ve been broken into before and the deputies told us that basically the only thing you can do is make yourself less of a target and force the criminals to go to your neighbors by you having security cameras and lights. I disagree with this, but that’s exactly what Charleston county told me.

It’s frustrating Ricky but sadly, most departments are short-handed, and cops just can’t be everywhere. There are far more dirtbags than cops. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it is the truth. I rarely see city/county cars really patrolling like they used to and no seems to make traffic stops anymore.

I put security lights out and cameras all around my house in addition to a security system. That is all you can really do short of sitting outside every night armed.

That being said, I am for what some of the Muslim countries used to do with thieves. Chop off a hand. They may steal again but it won’t be as easy. There is no fear of punishment anymore.

Sadly that’s true. My kids will be raised different. I can assure you of that. If you see them acting out, straighten them up!

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We had a tag number, and a vehicle description, last time this happened. The GCSO even identified some of the perps. as living in N.C. and conducting the same operations all over the Upstate, and bordering counties in N.C.

Like I said, people are pissed off! And, this is what leads to vigilante justice!

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I dont have that problem in my neighborhood


Well, go ahead and make it four times …

Time to move

Move where?

They hit five neighborhoods around Simpsonville last night.

Sounds like a crew out of Atlanta this time?

Dang, sorry to see this, and sorry for your problems with this.

Sounds like some baiting needs to take place…Perhaps some fake guns, or other valuables left in plain sight in a dummy vehicle being watched??

These open borders are certainly not helping…

Good luck

Too many criminals, too few cops.

Get your hands on a cheap “Saturday night special”. Dump the powder out of the next round up and replace it with C-4.

Where can I get a few lbs of that c4?

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