Never go on the water without these FOUR Things

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Capt Dave said always carry an extra paddle

Never go on the water without these FOUR Things
#1 working VHF hand held with GPS
#2 Cell Phone in water proof case
#3 Sharp Pocket/rigging knife -
#4 Extra Paddle

You can add to this list ? but these are the top Four in my book!

Capt Dave

a motor:)

I carry a set of oars and oarlocks on my boat, but that’s only because they can actually be used on it. Most of y’all have larger boats that a full set of oars would just not work. But mine are hand-made (by me) and work just fine as an extra-long paddle.

I always keep my razor knife (the Lennox lock-blade) in my pocket with a fresh blade in it. Super sharp, makes quick work of rope if you have to cut your anchor line in a hurry.

I almost never go on the water without my boy with me :slight_smile:

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Water, sunscreen and bug-juice!

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