Never seen a blue tail like this on a redfish

I’m sure some of you have seen this but I’ve never seen a fin this blue and the picture does not do it justice at all. Absolutely gorgeous.
As for the report, we loaded up on live shrimp and caught 3 trout, 3 redfish, 1 whiting, 3 stingrays. Trout were barely under slot. All reds were slot, but all went back in the water for another day. Great day with the wifey as the ride in was almost sunset.
I love Charleston!


Why do redfish have blue tails? Surprising answer. - FYAO Saltwater Media Group, Inc. (

Interesting read RBF.

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Looks like a great day. Caught an undersized red the other day with the same blue tail. More silver than copper. Cue @barbawang

I’ve only seen one and it seems to be (to me anyway) that it is more often seen in fall/winter fish. Again, we’ll await the expertise of barbawang.

Waiting on Barbgawang too, but i’ve only seen this in late season and clear water. Never in brackish water.

Sounds like you had a great day!

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Some of the young ones have it, I’ve seen it in all seasons and salinities but almost always fish under 18-20”

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The pros in Venice, La. say that comes from fanning the nest.