Never seen this before

I walked down to the dock Tuesday morning to check on the boat. Between the floater and the creek bank I saw something I had never seen before. There must have been over a hundred red fish of all sizes churning up the water. They were feeding on small shrimp that were on the surface of the creek. I must confess that this old man seldom breaks into anything near a run but I hauled tater to the garage and grabbed a spinner. Must have taken no more than a couple of minutes. When I got back to the creek, they were ALL GONE. I fished for about fifteen minutes and got two hits but nothing phenomenal.

Anybody ever see anything like this?

I saw it once in the north Edisto River. Must have been a thousand swimming together. They were not splashing just in a huge school.

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I’ve seen them school up like that a few times, in the way back of Cumbahee Sound, just as the sun is rising. Acres of Red’s!

You have to hit the tide just right, to get back to them.

Usually after the first hook up, it’s a crowd disperser, and the party is over.

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Wow, that must have been something to see. Now you know, ALWAYS take a rod/reel down to the dock.

Never seen nothing like that Sarge.Did you catch one at least?

One good hit that got off and one “rat” red.

Sounds to me that reds don’t like fried or smashed taters…they’re not vegan you know, but rather carnivores :grinning: Not even 1 pic to show this rare event either? Remember, the saying is no pics it never happened! I wished you could have been able to hook into a few to tell that