New batch of wine

Haven’t done any in several years. Started this batch last night and she’s working good this morning. Went with a “champane” yeast to get a higher proof. Added my Tanin, yeast nutrient, acid blend and a little extra sugar than required.

Most yeasts (expecially bread yeasts) die off around 12%. I’ve made some as high as 18% with wine yeast and this new stuff is said to make it to 23%. We’ll see. I’ve got some 1 gallon fermenting jugs coming that I want to experiment with.


That’s all I have never done.
When I was a kid and did the hunter safety course. Did it in a guy’s house. He was making wine. If I remember it looked kind of gross.

My dad use to make around 10 gallons every year.
What fruit you using?

My dad used to make wine. It was pretty good as I recall.

I know a little about wine, lord knows ive had my share.

Sounds like you’ve got it covered.

If you ever want to tweek yours by introducing wood and char notes I know some stuff that helps without having to use a full used barrel .


A big time cheat. Welches. Had a truck wreck on the interstate and my neighbor Brought me several gallons. (all legit) I’m doing 4 more individual gallons one with a mix of orange, Kiwi, raspberries and raisins. I’ve got this new yeast I’m trying. Going to increase sugar by a lot on one batch.

I"ve always done it with home grown grapes, Blueberries, or plums. LIke OTC mentioned first process is messy. I had my daughter “stomp” the grapes in a big cooler, double mixture with water (best was from Healing springs) add sugar. Never wash your grapes and hopefully they have enough natural yeast to ferment. IF in two days it did not “work” (buble) I’d add yeast. Mix every day in cooler for a week, then strain out and finish in jugs.

EF, I’d be much obliged for some suggestions. I did pick up some Wine finisher, but won’t know if i need it until finished product. I’m charring a chunk of white oak to soak in one batch. I got my wine grapes and first lesson in wine making from a Gentleman called J.V. Judy he’s passed now but lived on Wire Road by the 21 end off Tar Landing. Miss him.

This looks like something that should be tried in front of a camp fire at a friends place this weekend. Just sayin.

I sure wish it would be ready!!! If it turns out worth a rip, i’ll give ya some. I don’t even have any moonshine left to share at the campfire.

Looks great, @Fred67 - Have you ever tried making cider??

I make some every year and it’s delicious! I can post the recipe if you’re interested.

This is in my bathroom now:

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Love to have the recipe. Never done cider. I have been watching a bunch of elderberries flowering and thinking of that.

Four more gallons added… all experimental with sugar, oranges, kiwi, rasins, and one with extra sugar. All of them working/bubbling like crazy this morning.

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that’s cool. cant wait to hear how it tastes in the end.

Ok this is very impressive!! I too can’t wait to hear how this tastes!

If you want to try cider, grab 5 gallons of cider without Citric acid or preservatives (I get it from Costco), and try this recipe:

Or next time your fishing the Wando I can give you a few to try!

Thanks snickers, I may have to do that next. Never had the pleasure of fishing the Wando, Ashley, of Cooper rivers. I’ve been in the Stono a couple of times.