New boat trailer needed

I was considering making a trip to Tampa for a new 10000lb trailer from Loadmaster. I decided to stop by Charleston Trailer and saw their new trailers. Does anyone have any experience with them, good or otherwise?

I like to do business with locals, when possible.

Yes, they custom built a trailer for my 23 Key West Bluewater about 2 years ago. The price was better than anyone else had on a stock trailer. I have a house at Edisto Beach They came there and measured my boat, two weeks later they delivered the new trailer, we floated it off the old bad trailer and they took two floor jacks and adjusted the bunks. All I can say is great service and fair price for a quality product. I would use them again without question. They do what they say and know how to do business.

I have had good dealings with Chas Trailer. Very fair prices. The owner even stayed after hours and waited on me to pick up some ‘boat tires’ last year. It meant a lot to me that they do things they don’t have to just to help out a customer.

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Can’t say enough about Charleston Trailer. Rod, Maggie and Steve will go the extra mile for you. I have a boat on order, and chose to have them build me one. Maggie has called me twice now asking for a status on the boat, because they are ready to go. They will go to the dealer to transfer the boat to the new one, then bring it to their shop for fitting. If you go and look at one of their trailers they build there is no question - the quality is superior.

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Thanks for all of the input. It seems to make more sense than going to Tampa for a Loadmaster. Local it is!

I wanted one but unfortunately what they quoted me was absurdly high.